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Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Though a branch of computer science, today there's no field that is not affected by this technology. Its objective is to teach the machines to think intelligently just like the humans do. Till now machines are doing what they are told to do but with the use of AI they can easily think and behave like a human being. The tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and IBM are involved in studying, developing the technology. This has brought a revolutionary change. Though it's going to shape our future, we must know how it's affecting the present life. Given below are some of the top industrial applications of AI: 1.Journalism: In today's digital world, blog reading and articles is a very common practice for most of us. But have you ever realized some of them are actually written by machines.These cannot be used for writing in-depth writing. But with the use of AI we can easily prepare simple reports that doesn't require much analysis. 2.Automobiles: It's a known fact that…

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